VIP Chauffeuring

When chauffeuring a VIP, we know that you and your client have certain requirements when it comes to making the right impression, efficiency, confidentiality and a distinctive service.

At AVEHO Executive, we pride ourselves on our discretion and ability to manage delicate situations in a careful, calm and professional manner, ensuring your travel experience is comfortable, calm and discreet. This is reflected in our unassuming, professional manner and excellent level of presentation.

Our Audi A8 Limousine, although luxurious and incredibly comfortable, it is not seen as an ostentatious vehicle and as such only adds to the level of discretion required by our VIP customers.

Our VIP Chauffeur services have seen us transfer clients to many locations including airports, hotels, film and television studios, filming locations, meetings, private weekend getaways and private residences across the UK.

We have also transferred many VIP's to appointments and public appearances throughout the UK on one-off or longer term arrangements. Our reliability and professionalism is what helps to ensure their comfort, whilst also being able to go the “extra mile” if need be, to help gain their confidence and trust.

If required, we are also more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement in the interests of your client.